Wrapping paper station

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Wrapping Paper Station

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Tables and Work Surfaces

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Fat Quarter Friday {Wrapping Paper Organizer Tutorial}

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Stretch Wrapping

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I know I do. Giving a small area can have a rudimentary impact and be less overwhelming than establishing a big enough. Take a look at the beautiful and well-organized gift wrapping station created by Megon Ardoin of the blog Honey, I'm Home. Store gift bags, tags, ribbon, bows, wrapping paper, and so much more in one convenient location so they are easy to find when you're ready to wrap presents.

The gift wrap station features several storage sections to tuck away all your supplies and casters on the bottom so you can roll it around the home. This is for the wrapping paper rolls.

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Organized Gift Wrapping Station

A gift wrapping station. Probably one of my favorite projects of all time. I think that I like it so much, because despite constant use, and with just minimal tidying, it looks the like the day I created the station, nine years ago!

Of course, I can’t take all the credit. Hidden wrapping paper station inside a wardrobe (or old tv armoire for those of us who hate to get rid of those old cabinets we used before slender tvs).

wrappingpaperstation-smb with spring-form cafe rods This DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer is a must have for any household!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Get your wrapping paper and gift bags organized just before the holidays.

Wrapping paper station
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Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to Organize