Metallic wrapping paper

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11 Ways to Wrap Gifts without Wrapping Paper

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Solid Color Metallic Wrap

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Great selection of paper products and tools to. Your #1 source for bulk or wholesale wrapping paper and gift wrap. Grafix Gold Metallic Foil Paper Roll inch-byFeet adds the perfect eye-catching accent.

It is great for die cutting, layering and using decorative scissors, punches, embossing and crimping tools. with its reflective surface, you can use is wherever you need to add some sparkle.

Glitter Metallic Molten Gold Marble Shiny Metallic Wrapping Paper.

Get Creative with Custom Printed Tissue Paper

£ % Off with code HAPPYZAZ. Christmas Santa sea turtle pattern Wrapping Paper. £ % Off with code HAPPYZAZ.

Distressed Gold Emerald Deep Green Wrap Wrapping Paper. £ Buying Paper from HQ. Now you can buy direct from the producer with door to door Post Air Delivery in FREE SHIPPING, at heavily discounted secure PayPal payment gateway by credit card, it's safe and easy.

Whether you are looking for 10 sheets of special paper for wrapping gifts, you are a shop owner looking for the lowest possible wholesale prices, or a major distributor looking.

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Bulk Wholesale Wrapping Paper: Whether you call it bulk wrapping paper or wholesale gift wrap, it’s our specialty! We are the leading web based supplier of large wholesale gift wrap rolls from the leading manufacturers in the United States and Europe.

Metallic wrapping paper
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