May 2000 coup fiji plagued by

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Fiji's history of coups

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Fiji, 1987-2007: The Story of Four Coups

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2000 Fijian coup d'état

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13 days ago · Coup-plagued Fiji goes to the polls Suva, Fiji, Nov 14 (AFP) Nov 14, Fiji's second election since a military takeover -- pitting one coup leader against another -- passed off peacefully Wednesday, although heavy rain dampened voter turnout in the Pacific island nation.

Decree No 1 ofsets aside the constitution and forms the legal basis for the military takeover and the imposition of martial law, effective from Monday, May Decree No 2 ofallows all existing laws to continue unless modified. Mark Tran explains where the latest coup fits in the context of Fiji's historic volatile relations between the military and government.

Friday, 19 May,GMT UK Attempted coup in Fiji.


The seizure of parliament has rekindled memories of the coup. Fiji's president has declared a state of emergency after a group of armed civilians took over the government.

Coup leader George Speight, a local businessman, said he was acting in the name of indigenous. The Republic of the Fiji Islands is currently plagued by political and social unrest. Since the hostile May coup the status of the Fijian government has been extremely unclear.

The Fiji coup of was a complicated affair involving a civilian coup d'état by hardline i-Taukei nationalists against the elected government of a Fijian of Indian Descent Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, on 19 Maythe attempt by President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara to assert executive authority on 27 May, and his own resignation.

May 2000 coup fiji plagued by
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The Fiji coup: a media analysis