Lost lives of women by amy tan

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Amy Tan Grandmother Mother Aunt, Mother's second cousin Uncle's Wife Great GrandMother Thesis Topic Title Snapshot Lost Lives of women relates to Tan's family, and is an in depth look on the women is her life The Title is very effective because it makes you want to know more about her family.

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Homespun Heroines and Other Women of Distinction. By Hallie Q. Brown (Hallie Quinn), compiled and edited by. Snapshot Lost Lives Of Women Amy Tan.

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American writer Amy Tan () shows connections between women within a family throughout her novels The Bonesetter’s Daughter, The Joy Luck Club, and The Hundred Secret Senses. Tan illustrates the kind of relationship the women share, how their opinions on life differ, and how they resolve their differences.

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Lost lives of women by amy tan
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan