If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity

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Snow Globes Writing Lesson and Craft

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Stuck in a Snow Globe Writing Activity Sheet

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If I Lived In A Snowglobe -- FREE Writing Activity...

They are C- U - T -E and would thus a great display when you get back from practice. Favorites CollectCollect this now for how lillian. If I lived in a snow globe I would make a snowman. If you are doing The Snow Globe Family with your class, here is a freebie pack I just posted in my TPT store!

It contains several activity pages and the craftivity shown above. This includes writing, photographs, images, and downloads. This blog is a collaborative blog written by a group of individuals, and each author owns and is accountable for his/her postings.

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post. Writing If I lived in a snow globe This activity will get children motivated to write by completing a craft first.

The children can create a picture of themselves in a snow globe, then explain what they would do. sandy IF I LIVED IN A SNOW GLOBE I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students.

I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students. Snow globe writing Use the book The Snow Globe Family If I lived in a snow globe writing prompt. snowglobe for classroom teachers cute way to get creative writing juices flowing for the young ones!

Looks like a fun activity!

If I Were In A Snow Globe Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizers

We read The snow globe family by Jane O’ Connor. The writing activity guides students as they write about what it would be like to live in a snow globe. The writing outline provides students with a template that can be used for struggling writers or to help reduce the amount of time for this project.

If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity
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