Fire management

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Fire management

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Fire management

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Resource Management

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Fire managers at Grand Canyon National Park follow a comprehensive fire plan that allows the restoration of fire regimes through a full range of management tools. Natural fire, prescribed fire, hazard fuel reduction, and fire effects monitoring help restore natural processes while providing for.

Fire Management

Fire management benefits began to appear, such as the Hash Rock fire which burned almost all of the Mill Creek Wilderness on the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon before it was suppressed.

When the wildfire reached the Mill Creek fire, which had been managed under the wildland fire. Fire management planning is how we work to reduce the impact of fire in Victoria.

Fire management planning currently occurs at a state, regional and municipal levels. It involves bringing together a range of agencies and organisations to discuss, plan and manage fire with the community.

Fire Management

Fire is an important natural process on most of Alaska's 16 national wildlife refuges. However, we also recognize that unwanted wildfires need to be suppressed. This style of fire management is a poor facsimile of Aboriginal fire. Fire agencies can only drop incendiaries under specific weather conditions in the middle of the day, when flying is safe.

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Fire management
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